Crazy Summer Sign Up Deal Only 10 Adult & 10 Youth Spots availble

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Lets take away any commitment concerns you may have: Month 2 Month Membership at $75 adults $65 for Kids regularly $150 /$125

No Membership FeeΒ 

*Krav Maga members only have to buy KM uniformΒ  @ 10% off Pro-shop pricing.

That’s our lowest price EVER! $75/65 unlimited classes in one program*.

*$100 for two programs Adults and $90 for two Kids Programs. Krav Maga, CrossFIt, MMA or Yoga

Get into shape/ learn to defend yourself for just $75/65 per month cancel with 30 days notice.

All our CrossFit classes have a beginner component to the workout, so our coaches help you get into shape and workout safely.

Krav Maga has intro level classes 4 times per week as well as mixed levels for you to choose. Our goal is to teach you how to defend yourself, Don’t think it is to hard or your not in shape, Krav Maga has upwards of 7 levels of training everyone starts at level 1 and how fast you move through the levels is up to you.

The Hardest part is walking in the door!


We are only able to sell 20 of these membership (10 youth & 10 adult) at this HUGE SAVING so follow the link to grab your spot NOW!



* This offer not valid with any other offer or discount, or can it be combined with any other discount program(MIL, LEO, FD) or Family Rates