Rocky Mountain Krav Maga


Rocky Mountain Krav Maga – Reality Based Self Defense for All Ages

Rocky Mountain Krav Maga -Self Defense Castle Rock Co.

Rocky Mountain Krav Maga in Castle Rock Learn Real Self Defense With A Proven System. Law Enforcement Use It Why Aren’t You. Unlimited Classes $99 Per Month Online Sign Up

Rocky Mountain Krav Maga

Rocky Mountain Krav Maga

Krav Maga Not Another Traditional Martial Art

Easy To Learn

Reality Based

Classes Suitable For All Fitness Levels You don’t need to be in shape to start.

No Forms, No Kata / Forms

Get In Great Shape at the Same Time!


(gun, knife, rape, street fights, home invasion, common attacks, and many more…)

Why Are Law Enforcement & Military Units using Krav Maga?

Because it works on the Street!

Rocky Mountain Krav Maga

Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness strives to be a family friendly training facility.

We have highly skilled and competent coaches who care about their students. We don’t care about being the biggest gym in town or about putting trophies on the wall. We care about the personal success of each member in our entire gym.

We started out as a Krav Maga gym in 2006 with the focus on giving the community a practical place to train in self defense. We are not another Martial Arts school or Sport/ MMA gym. We are about real life training. There are no rules when someone attacks you or your family, Krav Maga is the answer to no rules fighting.

In 2008 we added Crossfit to the line up. We saw Crossfit as a very complimentary strength & conditioning program to Krav Maga. Crossfit and Krav Maga share many similar philosophies: practical, anyone can do it (scaleable for all abilities, easy to get started, functional, no nonsense approach), always pushing your limits. We knew it would benefit our existing members as well as bring it new members interested in functional fitness program.

The entire coaching staff at Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness are focused on practical training. We do not believe that there are any quick fixes to get in shape. Nor do believe any of the programs we offer are “fad” workouts. We are about training for LIFE!

We are Not a Globo Gym offering Crossfit. No Mirrors nothing fancy just real Training with real results.

We are not a MMA or Martial Arts school offering self defense on the side. Sport and training for belts is not what we are about.

Serving the CrossFit and Krav Maga communities of  Castle Rock And Douglas County

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