RM- Krav Maga Athlete February

From my first conversation with Brad I knew he was going to be a fun member. He asked lots of questions, I love questions! It always surprises me when people don’t question a technique when there life is at risk. Brad questions technique in an intelligent way, almost like am a JUDGE….hmmm oh yea see his occupation. Always challenging  the system and not excepting a technique just because I presented it.  He can take a joke better then most. He is always welcoming to new people trying class. These are just a few reasons Brad is member of the month.


1. Name: Brad Reich

2. Age: 63

3. Occupation: Attorney

4. Favorite Self Defense Technique: That’s a tough one because there are so many to choose from! I guess I’d have to say gun/knife defense because the techniques of those exercises present a unique challenge of both physical and mental preparedness. A close second would be anything having to do with a review of the basics. Whether it be chokeholds, headlocks, bear hugs etc. it seems that the longer I do Krav the more I sometimes tend to take the basics for granted.

5. Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Class: Play with my dog Billie! Followed closely by lifting weights in order to keep my taut 18 year old Swedish-boy body intact.

6. How Often Do You Train at RMSDF: I try to make it at least twice a week during the winter months when the long drive is more difficult, and at least three times a week when the weather gets better.

7. What Motivates You to Come To Class: That’s a tough one to answer because there are actually a few “motivating factors”. One of these “motivating factors” is the simple realization that for me, the alternative is unacceptable. I truly want to stay in the best shape possible for as long as my body holds out! But I must say that another “motivating factor” is seeing the people I have trained with for years and have truly grown to love as my family away from home. If I have to get beaten up, I prefer it to be by people I adore.

8. What are Your Goals: This one’s easy: To continue to improve, and not be embarrassed by being chosen to do a demonstration on “how NOT to do something”.

9. Why Do You Choose RMSDF: Going on 4 years ago I chose RMSDF based solely upon the extensive research I did on the qualifications of the instructors. Although there are several Krav Maga studios MUCH closer to my home, I was most impressed with John’s background and stature in the field of Krav Maga. I continue to choose RMSDF for the same reason, and additionally, because of all the other instructors and classmates at RMSDF that I have come to know so well.

10. What Advice Do You Have For Someone Coming Into the Gym For the First Time:  Relax and enjoy it. Don’t feel like you are in competition with anyone else at the gym. Any new situation can be intimidating and this is especially true in something like Krav Maga where many of the students have been training for years. Trust me on this one: These people will accept you for who you are and will help you be the best that you can be.