CrossFit Kids

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Mountain CrossFit Kids

  • Fun Fitness for All Kids 5-14yrs
  • Do you want to give your child a leg up over their Sports Competition?
  • Or just help them on their way to a healthy life style?

CrossFit KIDS is for you! We believe in making Fitness Fun.

Common Questions

Q: My child isn’t into team sports is CrossFit KIDS for them?

A:Yes of course, we have coached tons of kids that didn’t like team sports but excelled in our Kids Krav Maga (KKM) program or CrossFit KIDS(CFK). We focus on individual goals and achievements.

Q: My child wants to prepare for their up coming sports season, would CFK be a good fit for them?

A: Yes we will not only improve their game but build a life long love of sport and fitness. CrossFit Kids will prepare them for the rigors of their game and hopefully keep them injury free.


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