COREBAR Class Castle Rock

COREBAR Class Castle Rock 

We Are Excited To be Offering Corebar Classes Castle Rock with Gerry Maile @ Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness It is our desire to offer a full range of fitness classes to compliment  our Main Programs of  Crossfit & Krav Maga

Intro Classes
  • Sat April 4  @ 11am
  •  Tuesday April 7 @ 10:30am
  • Friday April 10 @ 10:20am

Class Schedule Tuesday & Thursday @ 10:30am

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What is COREBAR Training?

The COREBAR training methodology is based on a strategically planned, Total Body System that includes:

Cardio  – Strength – Conditioning – Flexibility – Balance – Agility

It is built on Principles from both Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation training with particular focus on Activating and Developing the COREBAR Musculature.

This all-in-one, complete concept package is particularly Effective, Intense and Challenging and therefore, provides Fast, Visible and Progressive Training Results in a very FUN format….in other words, A Stronger Body From the Inside Out

COREBAR Philosophy

We believe you have to sweat and train hard to get in shape; at the same time, it should still be fun.  Just as important, each time you participate in a COREBAR class, you will get more in touch with your body so you will learn how you can continue to challenge yourself.  We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone for a while and stretch your limits so that you become COREBAR STRONG.

About the COREBAR

Corebar_RMSDF.com_Castle_rock.001One piece of equipment is used.  This is a specially designed, bent training bar.  The purpose of the bent bar is to assist in maintaining spine integrity as one performs multi-plane movements of various intensities and actions.  The bar in and of itself is of no value without the unique training system that is designed to go with it.

Benefits of COREBAR

Participating in a cardio interval workout utilizing the COREBar can improve or increase the following:

Core strength and stabilization

Cardiovascular enhancement

Metabolic Function and calorie burning

Muscle endurance

Muscle balance and posture

Bone density maintained

Neuromuscular integration and function improve motor control, coordination and agility

Increased possibility to perform activities of daily living free from pain

Corebar Class Format

5 minute: Intro including technique practice

20-25 minute: Part I: Warm-up, Standing Cardio Intervals, Post Cardio Cool-down

20-25 minute: Part II Standing and Floorwork, Specific Corework, Stretch

Warm-up – Incline Cardio Interval I – Active Recovery – Incline Cardio Interval II – Post Cool-down

Core & Strength, Balance and Flexibility – Stretch


Gerry Miale

Gerry Maile

Gerry Maile

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed COREBAR HIT and COREBAR Format Instructor

Licensed ZUMBA Basic and ZUMBA Toning Instructor

Certified Group Fitness Instructor

CPR/AED Certified