What is The Mountain CrossFit Difference?….. Part 1

Mountain Crossfit part 1

Our main fitness focus at Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness is Crossfit.  We picked it for its functional  movements that are scaleable for all fitness levels. We all need the same type of well rounded fitness routine. Our 20 something athlete’s only differ from our 40,50 & 60 year old athletes in weight and intensity. Our Crossfit Kids program focus’s on teaching safe form and movement for a life time of fitness. Our kids classes are also big on fun! 

We love to help someone who hasn’t worked out in years into crossfit classes. We tend to hear people are afraid of Crossfit (those crossfit games athletes are world class) or had a bad experience at another crossfit gym. We believe in fitness for a life time. With that said we tend to move people through at a pace that fit’s them best. We have four different levels to our “wods” or workout of the day. Allowing the beginner to  CrossFit at their fitness ability  in order to workout at a safe pace. 

If you are looking to start a fitness program for a life time of fitness results then why haven’t you checked us out?  We are big on making fitness fun for the whole family. Do you want results…join our paleo/ nutrition challenge Saturday Sept 27. Call us for more details 303-681-2622

Mountain Crossfit Part 1 #2

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