Krav Maga vs. Martial Arts Part 1Rocky_Mountain_KravMagaPalm Strike.jpg

What’s the Krav Maga difference? …..

We get this questions a lot here at Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness. Krav Maga is a practical self defense & fighting system. It is not a sport RMSDF.comKravMaga.jpglike Tae Kwon Do, Karate or MMA. There are no ref’s on the street. You’ll be lucky if local law enforcement arrives before the person who attacked you flees the scene. We are not concerned with belts and tournaments. We will not be testing you every few months for a new belt or requiring you to do a sport competition, like a most martial arts schools. We do have a level system tied to curriculum for each stage of learning Krav Maga. Our main focus is always keeping you and your family safe.
We believe in a self defense system that is efficient and to the point. Krav Maga is the answer. It was designed for both men and women of all physical abilities. It is based on instinctive responses to dangers, not the learn responses that most martial arts systems base there defenses on. The number of local and national law enforcement agencies that are using Krav Maga as their defensive tactics program continues to grow. Just to name a few of the Colorado Departments using Krav Maga: Castle Rock, Douglas County, El Paso, Broomfield, Aurora, Denver and more.

So the REAL question is….

if you are training in martial arts for self protection, rape defense, street fighting skills, the possibility of a home invasion why are you not training at Rocky Mountain Krav Maga? #RockyMtSDF #castlerock #martialarts #colorado #selfdefense #rape #womensselfdefense @Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness_KravMaga #MMA #taekwondo #karate