Come Join Us For An Intro To Adult Krav Maga Every Saturday

@ 11:15am

Cost $15 for individuals;  Two for $25 this fee can be applied to your first month of Training if you join on 11/16

  • Ages 16yrs and up welcome.
  • Attire workout clothes and sneakers.
  • All abilities welcome.

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Learn a practical reality based self defense system from a 12 year practitioner John Hallett 2nd Krav Maga Alliance Training Team Members.


Join the RMSDF Team!

  • Striking, both stand up and ground 
  • Basic Self Defense Attacks
  • Weapon Defenses
  • Ground Defenses
  • and so much more

We are a Self Defense & Fighting System Design for the Street. We are not a Sport or Tournament based program. Sport fighting is not street self defense or street fighting.

Register on our Zen Planner Member Site